December 7, 2007

since the christmas season is upon us, i was looking at wikipedia’s site of charles dickens, “a christmas carol” and came across a literary term that i have never heard of before.  i knew that a lot of authors back in the day were notorious for being in debt and astonishingly, “a christmas carol,” one of the most beloved tales of all time was written to pay off some of dickens’ debt.  the term “potboiler” is used to refer to this type of publication.  i think we can officially call this blog a potboiler. 


sound america

December 7, 2007

i was looking for an actual sound byte from the move “the princess bride” to leave on the voice mail of a friend.  you know, the part of the movie where prince humperdinck says, “tyrone, you know how much i love watching you work, but i’ve got my country’s 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my wife to murder, and guilder to frame for it; i’m swamped. ”  anyway, a co-worker showed me this website i had no idea about that had this sound byte, plus a lot more. 

 you can find it at www.soundamerica.com

now, the website is lace with ads and pop-ups so be where.  but it is definitely worth viewing.

unemployed education

December 7, 2007

a while back (i can’t remember when, i just had written down to blog about this in my folder, so it could have been over a month ago) i was helping a customer on the public internet computers search for a job.  she was a certified teacher and hadn’t taught in a couple of years and trying to get back into it.  the first place i thought of to search the the oklahoma state department of education.  i did no know how robust this website is.  it contains a lot of information, but the best link i found was http://www.oklahomateachingjobs.org/ .  it has a listing of all the teaching jobs currently open in the state, including school librarian positions.  so, if anyone graduating anytime soon is looking for a school library job, check it out.

x rated

December 7, 2007

i did not know until tuesday of this week the, that one of my favorite movies, “midnight cowboy,” was rated x when it was released.  and it is the only rated x film win an academy award.

after researching it a little, i found out the the x rating didn’t have the same taboo connotation that it does today due to it not yet being associated with the pornography industry.

it’s so amazing to see what was considered radical and controversial in 1969 to what would be compared now to the norm.

that’s one x rated movie someone could definitely be proud to be in.  and i definitely did not know that.   

what the pelt?

December 7, 2007

i have to admit, it’s been a few months ago that i learned this, and i honestly meant to write a blog on it, so now i am. 

there was someone in the library writing a poem and wanted a dictionary to look up the word “pelt” to see if she if it meant what she thought it did.  i then became interested because i didn’t know what the word meant so i tactfully inquired.

 according to www.thefreedictionary.com pelt is “the skin of an animal with the fur or hair still on it.”

it never ceases to amaze me, that in my 27 years of life on this earth there are still words i have never heard of and have no clue what their meaning is.

 i did not know the word or definition of pelt.

last week, i was talking with a customer about the old western union telegrams and wondered if anyone still used them.  well after a quick google, it turned out they don’t, but a different subject came up in relation to that topic.  why, on telegrams, did they say “stop” to denote the end of a sentence instead of using a period?  it took me a while, but i found out the reason, and here it is: in morse code, it takes actually more actions (the needle hitting the thingymigbobber) to transmit a punctuation symbol than it does to transmit the word “stop.”  very interesting and i did not know that.

where are my royalties?

December 7, 2007

i was sitting at the reference desk today and was wondering if my blog would come up if i typed “ididnotknowthat” into google’s search query.  sure enough, it came up number 2 (right behind an apparent page about a mysterious object seen flying at a high right of speed after the second tower was hit on 9/11.  now i’m sure there are some out there that think i’m behind that webpage.  there’s a knock on my door.  it’s the CIA).  anyway, when i clicked on my blog, it brought up one of my older blogs, “want to learn how to act?”  what i was floored to discover, there were two advertisements embedded in my blog, both dealing with acting schools!  someone is advertising on my blog! unfreakinbelievable.  i’m not mad that they didn’t get my permission or that those advertisements perpetuate a pseudo endorsement from me, it’s that i’m not getting any kickbacks.  now, i did the same search on google later in the day and they were gone, so if you do a search they may be there.  but earlier in the day they were there and i’m still broke.  i did not know it was possible for companies to advertise on personal blogs.  very interesting.

opening pandora’s website

December 6, 2007

a co-worker of mine showed me one of the coolest website known to man.  you can find it at www.pandora.com and it’s a great music site.  there’s a way for you to go through it and it will ask you about several different songs and if you like them or not.  then, once it knows your taste, it will tailor a music que designed to your musical likenings.  it’s like a tivo for music on your computer that you don’t pay for and is web-based.  so, if your someone who likes dan fogelberg and ac/dc, then this just might be the place for you to check out.  this is one website i definately did not know [about].

i had a customer come in a few weeks ago and she and her husband were taking a trip to arkansas and were going to visit site built by e. fay jones, a famous architect from arkansas who studied under frank lloyd wright.  well, as i was doing research to find where these places are, i found one chapel he built that is 5 minutes from my parent’s house in bentonville, ar.  so, when my wife and i were up there last, i drug her to see it.  it was just amazing:


if you ever go up that way, do check it out.  it is well worth your time.

i suck at writing blogs

December 6, 2007

by the grace of God, my professor has extended the blogging period until this friday at 5pm.  so, my mission, if i choose to accept it, (and i’m choosing to accept it) is to write 10 blogs in the 3 days.  by my calculations that is 3.3 blogs a day, with one day doing 3.4 blogs.  now, i have no idea how to do 3.3 or 3.4 worth of blogs, so i’m just going to do 3 two days and 4 one day.  that will make my life easier.  i hope someone will blog about my blog.